Most of us care a lot.

Let’s help each other do what’s good for people and the planet.

Four areas of life where our changes add up.

Good Food

Eating well can change the world.

Good Food

Good Transportation

Getting where you want to go does not require gasoline.

Good Transportation

Good Energy

Powering your home or apartment with clean energy is easier than you think.

Good Energy

Giving to Nature

Natural ecosystems are powerful allies against climate change, but they need our help.

Giving To Nature

Get Involved with What's Good

Join our growing movement and tell us the steps you are taking to help the climate. We’re powered by action-minded people like you, and we’ll be following up with even more ways for you to be a positive influence for those around you.

About What's Good

What’s Good is a growing movement with a mission to bring Americans together to take positive actions that reduce climate change. By helping and empowering each other, we can all feel good about taking actions that matter.

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