About Us

Our Mission

What’s Good is a growing movement whose mission is to bring Americans together to take positive actions to reduce carbon pollution and its impact on climate. We’re helping and empowering each other to take practical, everyday actions that have a positive impact for people and the planet.

What’s Good is supported by Rare, an environmental non-profit focused on inspiring change so that people and nature thrive. Rare has over 40 years of experience creating and implementing human-centered solutions to complex environmental problems.

Who is this for?

What’s Good is for the 80% of Americans who no longer need to debate climate change. And, it’s especially for those of us who are ready to take actions that will have a meaningful impact.

Our movement is fueled by leaders from all walks of life who are showing how these high-impact actions work in their everyday lives. As this community grows, we’re discovering more and more ways to help each other take action by doing What’s Good.

Where to start?

Most Americans have already made small day-to-day changes to help the environment. But are we having the impact we want?

What’s Good is focused on individual actions in the areas that make the biggest difference: energy, transportation, food, and giving back to nature.

If you want to lead by example, we hope you’ll let us know by pressing “Be A Leader” on whatsgoodnow.org.

If you are looking for actions you can take today, please follow What’s Good on our social media accounts. The growing What’s Good community is ready to support and encourage you to take actions that are good for you, and the planet.