Renters, it’s never been easier to fight climate change

Most of us are worried about climate change and want to take action. And the good news is, you don’t have to install solar panels or buy a Tesla to be on the right side of history.

Everybody can use local clean energy at home with community solar!

What is community solar

Community solar is a way for many people to share a solar farm, instead of everyone having to buy and install their own solar panels. And when you choose to share solar, there’s room for every kind of home and every kind of living situation – renters included.

Why community solar is right for you

Community solar has all the benefits of local solar without any of the risks. Your utility service works just like before.

Our power grid still has lots of dirty energy on it. When you support local solar, you help reduce the amount of dirty energy on the grid, which means less pollution and less carbon emissions.

If you live in Maryland, upstate New York and greater Chicago, Illinois, you can get community solar at no extra cost.

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